Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

hijab tutorial

There are many ways to play around your scarf.

Fold the scarf vertically to hide the tip of the scarf or to shorten the scarf.
Place your scarf about a third to the way down over your head.

Place the scarf all the way back of your head into your most comfortable position.

Tight your scarf on the back of your head as comfortable as possible.
Take the end of the scarf and round them around your neck.
Tucking in any remains ends under the front of the scarf and make it secure inside the hijab.
Take the bottom of your scarf from the back and pull it together to the front. Pin it.
You can pin the bottom side and the ear side of the scarf
to make sure your ear secured and covered.

taken from : http://www.hijab-scarf.com/2010/09/tutorial-annekes-hijab-style.html

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